Another confirmed intruder alert! Even though the world has been on lock down that still hasn’t stopped some criminals from trying to take advantage of the situation. Our security officer arrived to investigate the site. He noted on the way into the complex there was a qualified drone pilot preparing to perform an aerial survey of a site of a further homes. Our officer saw the opportunity to collaborate and asked if we may use his drone to send up and take a look as it was getting dark and the drone had a spotlight. It transpired that it not only had a spotlight it also had a thermal camera! The drone pilot being fully insured, and having already cleared the airspace with Bristol ATC, and was there in a working capacity.

Less than a minute. The Mavic launched and using its FLIR pinpointed the intruders and allowed the officers to apprehend.

We would like to thank Thermaer Ltd and the pilot for his help in a successful operation. We will be contracting all of our pre camera installation work and probably much more with Thermaer. We thoroughly recommend them to you all.

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