That extra level of trust…

It takes that extra level of trust to engage a security company that can look after your home as well as your business. Thats us.
With reducing police numbers and increased criminal activity there is a real need for an actual responder to a raised alarm.
Upon receiving a call from any nominated contact we will dispatch a highly visible response vehicle with a fully trained security officer, already familiar with your property. Our response time is targeted to match the current 20 minute police emergency attendance to event.
Upon arrival they will assess the situation and act accordingly. Your property is fully checked internally and externally, the alarms are silenced, interrogated and reset. If required the officer will liaise with police and your alarm monitoring provider and remain on site until satisfied the issue has been resolved.
Your keys and codes are stored securely in our in our 24 hour control room. They only leave our site with the officer and are returned immediately.
All calls and events are logged via a Q​R reporting tool in real time and a full report is made to you as soon as is practical. False alarms are investigated and you are informed to prevent further instances. We are happy to work with your alarm company to assist with any fault finding as this is often out of hours.
Costs for our services vary due to logistics and requirements but our standard rates are listed below. There are no hidden or unexpected charges or statutory fees, no lengthy contract to sign, you are invoiced monthly and are free to change your requirements at any time. You can temporarily engage our cover for Business trips, Holidays or any other reason your property may be unoccupied.

We are on our way…

The moment we receive the call we are rolling. All preperation and assessments have been completed and signed off. Your keys and codes are in the system. If anyone interferes with your property we get there and deal with it.


Service Rates

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